Full Moon Friday Night

by Friend

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released February 28, 2014




Friend Columbus, Ohio

Katie Dotson hard at work making weird and wonderful music.

Life form got a message stuck in its head
Through the two ears on it
Its mother and its father never knew he had a friend like that
Not in a song
Major Organ and The Adding Machine's "Life Form (Transmission Received)"
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Track Name: Full Moon Friday Night
Grab my hand, glide down the mountain
By my side no matter what happens
Like Adam and Eve on the poster in my room
Black light glowing
Slide back down like avalanches
Yggdrasil and her infinite branches
Don't know why I always feel so blue
But sometimes I feel better with you

It's a full, full moon on a Friday night
And I ask of you, would you be my Valentine?

Don't know why, it's not my style
Love letters in stockpiles
Common as the snowflakes or the stars
Falling, shining
Piling up like mounted diamonds
Silent like domestic violence
For forever, better or for worse
Stay fearless when you know it's gonna hurt
Put on your favorite shoes or best-loved skirt
Track Name: Holden
I was walking home, it started raining
I was on my own, I was singing
Such a lovely song
The day was growing ever darker
The sun was happy, setting just below the clouds

Bad kids always turn into bad actors
Always went a little bit faster
100 million miles an hour
And when love calls
All they gotta do is pick the phone up
It means nothing to them and they act so tough
As if they were 1,000 years old

Romeo, wasn't he a saint, though?
Talking on his radio
Telling all those lies
Hercules, a man like that's no friend to me
A life like that's no use to me
A hero never cries
Track Name: False Hope & Construction Zones
There's a million things I'd rather be doing than crying

Taking off for the mountains on a red eye flight

Sitting down with a big box of 45's

But I don't have time for that

I got a long commute under a vast white angry sky

Lines to wait in to pay for what I gotta buy

I gotta do my work, I gotta spend my dimes

We all make time for that.

And I search for silence in the clamor of this place

Where the engines rev and there is no empty space

Endless asphalt and a concrete jungle gym

Calling "Give in"--well I did

And I've said it before, yeah, I want to go home

To that perfect place where I don't feel so alone

All these people here, on their telephones

High on false hope and construction zones.
Track Name: So Simple
I found you with my night vision
Goggles on the television
Tucked between the pages of a book I’d never read
On a flyer for a party brightly colored with ink so pretty
Designed to catch my eye and pull me quietly along
So I followed the date and time and
Went there without knowing why until
You had caught my eye and wouldn’t let me go

And now we’re like 2 peas in a pod
Going out, ready or not
Savoring sweet love so simple
Dancing in the snow
And if you’re the one then I’m the other
And I could never want another
Kid, I have gone blind and you are all that I can see
And all else is painting perfect
Like Van Gogh himself conjured it
Starry nights and yellow flowers
Tucked behind your ears

Wherever you go, please take me
You’re all I want to know, please take me
For all I’ve been thus far and
All I’ve yet to be