Nemo (Single)

by Friend

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released November 25, 2014




Friend Columbus, Ohio

Katie Dotson hard at work making weird and wonderful music.

Life form got a message stuck in its head
Through the two ears on it
Its mother and its father never knew he had a friend like that
Not in a song
Major Organ and The Adding Machine's "Life Form (Transmission Received)"
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Track Name: Nemo (Single)
So now you think it's fine, all those twisted vines
Just climbing up the side of your house
So the paint, it peels
You eat every meal
Until you can't tell if it even helps
And I spend my time writing awkward lines
Hoping someday they might be understood
But I'm not sure that this does me any good

Yeah I'll have to wait and see if I still recognize you
But eventually I intend to catch up

I'm not sure if you knew but the sky's still blue
And Luna still comes out from time to time
And the folks that talk that money talk
Are fading further and further with each highway sign
And I think that I must do just what's best for me so
Lo ciento pero yo quiero salir de aqui
Because time doesn't fix anything

If you take a shot, you don't always score
And that's really all I know for sure