St. Maria​/​Summer​/​1944

by Friend

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released December 29, 2014

written, recorded, mixed, mastered by katherine lynn dotson

copyright, all rights reserved, 2014




Friend Columbus, Ohio

Katie Dotson hard at work making weird and wonderful music.

Life form got a message stuck in its head
Through the two ears on it
Its mother and its father never knew he had a friend like that
Not in a song
Major Organ and The Adding Machine's "Life Form (Transmission Received)"
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Track Name: A Song For You
badly want you back here, start dismantling your mind
put the pieces in my pocket, keep you with me all the time
and whenever i'm lonely i will build you up from scratch
but i'll have to be careful, i won't want to put you back

morgan and bartholomew sailed all the seven seas
looking hard for something they thought that they might need
wandered round for decades without ever going home
and died there in their pirate ships, unsatisfied, alone

the children play
soprano sings
open arms
the falling leaves
the way you look
when you dream
please don't go
stay with me
the children play
a woman sings
a song for you
a song for me
Track Name: Lovecraft/Poe/Shelley
hold my hand, my operator
kill me then revive me later
i don't mind if you don't mind
the gory references
dig me from my grave and turn me
into something great, a masterpiece
a slab of clay or marble
a sculpted work of art

don't leave me here on my own, love
i can't do it alone
bring me back to life
and take me from this maze of stone

the sun is tucked to bed by sorrow
promising there's no tomorrow
promising a lullaby to a
kid that cannot sleep
instead you might tell me ghost stories
anything you think might scare me
lovecraft, poe or perhaps shelley
read by candlelight
Track Name: What Your Parents Told You
oh god why'd you make me
so alone, i feel my
time is borrowed and you
would not ever
let me even try
to make it up
i lost it
climbing trees
then making money
stealing love from someone lovely
bet you probably think it's funny
and if you don't you do your best to
hide your pain from yesterday
to act as if it's gone away

the truth is i am
mostly angry
i thought that i knew
better than to
let go of my chris van allsburg
all the world is so much wonder
i bet you probably think it's funny
i bet you probably try your best to

forget what your parents told you
love is only what surrounds you
and all my love is all around you
all my love is, all my love is

love, only love, only love, only
Track Name: St. Maria/Summer/1944
in the summer
st. maria
in our blue jeans
on a bad beach
see the turtles
as they crawl by
in the moonlight
so on d-day
at normandy
up at sunrise
gone by midnight
came a graveyard
out of thin air
cause life's not fair

fair in love
all is fair in love
but i'm only in love sometimes
i don't care for love
not prepared for love
because i only love part-time

in the flowers
found a note, read
"i am leaving
done with fighting"
so i watched you
in the clouds, then
glowing rocket
but at church i
learned a prayer
in the pine pews
i prayed to you
and i wondered
if you heard me
come and find me

fair in love
all is fair in love
but you're only in love sometimes
you don't care for love
you're not prepared for love
because you only love part-time
fair in love
all is fair in love
but we're only in love sometimes
i don't care for love
i'm not prepared for love
because i only love part-time