The Beauty of it All

by Friend

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released October 27, 2015

Katie Dotson: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, keyboard, synths, drum programming, vocals (1-10)
Luke Harris: drums (2-4, 9), vocals (4)
Tracked by Luke Harris and Katie Dotson.
Mixed and mastered by Katie Dotson.
All songs written by Katie Dotson.

from, used here under the Creative Commons Attribution License
aleinxxx—Weather Report IRL Shannon (1)
nanakisan—Evil Laugh 9 (1)
artykris—Guitar Feedback Miroslawski Net (1, 2)
hyderpotter—BT Ans Machine (3)
j4p4n—Japanese Kids Playing Outside (3)



all rights reserved


Friend Columbus, Ohio

Katie Dotson hard at work making weird and wonderful music.

Life form got a message stuck in its head
Through the two ears on it
Its mother and its father never knew he had a friend like that
Not in a song
Major Organ and The Adding Machine's "Life Form (Transmission Received)"
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Track Name: Like a Wave
i know you think that i am lazy
when the fact is i am broken
i know you think that i am lost when
the fact is that i’ve been stolen
i know you think that i’m just sad but
i’ve given up on being happy
i know you think i’ll come around but
whatever’s left of me is not me

oh i just take it day by day
day by day i’m rolling on
Track Name: This Forever
i’m gonna make a list of things i shouldn’t do like
egg some bentleys or get a face tattoo
go to new york and write a screen play
or better yet to sell my soul and move to LA
dye my hair blue and start an oyster cult
start thinking everything i’ve done is always my fault
google “self defense” and “self destruction”
in fact i bet it’s probably best to just stop googling
plant a cactus in my memory
start plotting anything by which my friends remember me
drink a fifth or maybe two
and tell everyone “i love you but i hate you too”

i could go on but i can’t go on like this forever

i’m gonna make a list of things that i should probably do
and maybe once i find the time think i might do them too
like get a real job and some real friends
or better yet to find some courage and some common sense
read a book or maybe 100
stop thinking everything is everything or nothing
keep a journal, love my own skin
stop wishing for more wishes and take what’s given
take up a hobby like, do more hiking
stop trying to figure out if life’s worth liking
go to new york and see some old art
let the beauty of it all rip me all apart
Track Name: Enjoy the Weather
you’ll find it on the mantelpiece upstairs
underneath the mirror of cold stares
from the lonely kid who’s looking back at you
angry ‘cause you don’t know what to do

better stick together, like that duct tape to your pipe
stick together like the moths stick to the light
better stick together & i’ll hang out here with you
enjoy the weather, find the perfect view

if you take them all you’ll probably get real high
but there’s also that small chance that you might die
and although you know you wanna run away
you also hope to find a better place

so we’ll go together, start looking everywhere
we’ll look forever, until we just don’t care
we’ll stick together & i’ll hang out here with you
enjoy the weather, take in the view
Track Name: On Mars
body aches and i’m tired of fighting
sense of duty like a flash of lightning
starting over in a t-shirt and blue jeans
and you said that you tried to love me
late last summer at my birthday party
but i just kept bursting at the seams
all the pain was just flowing out of me

said picture yourself on mars
just playing cards and hanging out
and you are just where you are
with no concern for what you’re without

wanna tear it all down this instant
light a fire all gold and brilliant
i’d do anything it takes to start to change
wanna yell that i’m fucking sorry
but it’s now such a plain part of me
there’s no need to but i’ll say it anyway
don’t want nothing at the end of a rough day
‘cept maybe my dog and a place to lay
Track Name: Mountain Dew
it’s really been a long time
lots of earbuds and headlights
river of qualms about a mile wide—
that’s me—and you--
here i am, where are you?
so we wandered down a busy street
and you said that you’d been fumbling
over mountain dew or apple juice
let’s jump in, count of three
try ‘em all if you please and

that was the cigarette
that was the cigarette
that was the cigarette
i was smoking
when i quit

ah, when you always want to cry
ah, when you always have to try
there must be something i can do
Track Name: Life is Not a Song
bet you taste like starlight
‘cause your eyes are midnight
open the door to my life
what you find you might like

you could take me on, yeah
it drags on and on and
life is not a song
no, life is not a song

but you breathe like freedom
and i want to steal some
instead get plastered
start inching backwards

i like you too much to
hang around too long it
gets me down too much to
leave when you’re around, yeah

you could take me on, yeah
it drags on and on and
life, it's not a song, no
life, it's not a song

life is not a song, no
but i’ll write you a quick one
(I want you, I want you)
i want you to stay
Track Name: Birds
you used to be
like so with me

yeah i miss you man

two birds, one string
two knots, two feet

yeah i miss you man
Track Name: Shoulda
forget old me
i’m out with sympathy
she’s a fragile thing
why wasn’t it so easy?

i should have been on it
it could have been easy
it would have been

if i love the trees
i love the leaves that fall and
i love the roots
branches that reach so tall
Track Name: Afraid
i want to be careless
swing like a kid on a swing
i want to live forever
to see what forever might bring
i wanna hide in the mountains
swim on the shores of a beach
i want to take you along to all of these places with me

i don't want to be lonely
i want to live only with joy
to take the air that surrounds me
and transform it all into noise
i don't want to be angry
but drunk on the promise of love
i know that it's all and i guess if it's all it's enough

yeah i'm afraid but i do
i think that i do want to
more than you could ever know
Track Name: Be My Friend Again
if i carved your face into a mountainside
i cried out your name when i’m alone at night
outlined my mistakes in a neon sign
would you be my friend again?

if i took your tears to a wishing well
re-lived all those years i couldn’t help myself
if i made you dance to my broken heart
would you be my friend again?

if i walked back home with my bloody knees
and tried to explain all my grass-stained jeans
i’d beg, borrow, steal for a second chance
if you’d be my friend again

‘cause i spend too much time
making plans and building rockets
to fly the speed of light
and freeze it all for just one instant
where you are by my side
and there’s no time like the present
i made my great escape
a thousand times, my final exit