To Go Swimming EP: The Beauty of it All B​-​Sides

by Friend

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released December 24, 2015

Katie Dotson: acoustic guitar, synths, piano, vocals
Luke Harris: drums, backing vocals

Tracked by Katie Dotson and Luke Harris.
Written/mixed/mastered by Katie Dotson.



all rights reserved


Friend Columbus, Ohio

Katie Dotson hard at work making weird and wonderful music.

Life form got a message stuck in its head
Through the two ears on it
Its mother and its father never knew he had a friend like that
Not in a song
Major Organ and The Adding Machine's "Life Form (Transmission Received)"
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Track Name: Mother Nature
Forest, fresh yet ancient
Has had it right for quite some time
Sky so blue, so giant
Really is quite top of the line

So daisy chains
Upon groundhog days
Upon choruses galore
All my life I've been oh so nice
But I don't wanna be so nice no more

Kid, so weak, so weary
Knows what it takes to be strong
Growing older by the second
Keeps seeking out what's right when I'm wrong

So wish me well
And I'll wish you well
And I'll tell you what I know to be true
That mother nature in her wisdom
Made the world exactly for you
You'll take it how you're gonna take it
But know that I know it to be true
Mother nature in her wisdom
Made the world exactly for you
Track Name: Milky Way
The galaxies pull apart
I close my eyes right at the start
Dim the lights like outer space
Watch the stars running away
As if there's somewhere else to go
As if there's something else to know

Baby, tell me, if it's true
What am I supposed to do?
Got my head up in the clouds
I don't wanna come back down

So John and Kurt watch over me
Underneath the Bodhi tree
Got my head up in the clouds
I don't wanna come back down

Baby, tell me not to go
Sick of traveling alone
Got my head up in the clouds
I don't wanna come back down
Track Name: To Go Swimming
T-rex dancing on yr sweatshirt
Took a bite right outta me
And he don't mean it but it still hurts
And gives me stitches when I bleed
You keep me with you 'til the sun goes down
(Sorrow chased her to the edge)
I am diving off a cliff and
You are sitting on the ledge

I just wanted to go swimming
You just wanted to stay dry
'Cause you're dressed up for some party
And you won't be home tonight

Think I lost my paradise 'cause
I been reading Frankenstein
And there's a devil in each of us
And sometimes we lose the fight
That's why I'm headed to the North Pole
To write an epic of my own
And if I ever meet my maker
I'll ask him where the sunshine goes
Track Name: To Stay Dry