To The Wild Calling Out For Me

by Friend

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When I have terrible need of - shall I say the word - religion, then I go out and paint the stars.
Vincent VanGogh

All proceeds from the sale of this album goes to support The Trevor Project. That's your whole $3.00.

Inspiration drawn from Walt Whitman, Amanda Palmer, Jeff Mangum, David Dondero, Vincent VanGogh, Northern Exposure.

Thanks to my friends, family and kindred spirits for supporting me the past several months. Thanks to the Great Spirit, Gitchi Manitou or whatever you want to call why we're all here and we get to experience messy beautiful life.
Special thanks goes to Linda Dotson, Emily May, Lucas Harris, Sam Gwin, Sarah Overdier, Thom Nitz.

Copyright all tracks 2014 by Katherine Lynn Dotson.

All songs written, produced, tracked, mixed, engineered, mastered by Katherine Lynn Dotson.

Published by For I Am An Engine Publishing Co. ASCAP.

with earnest appreciation for all--


released August 8, 2014

Purple Fuzz
Rocket Revolution
How To Swim
Pink Cloud
If You Destroy Yourself The Things That You Hate Win




Friend Columbus, Ohio

Katie Dotson hard at work making weird and wonderful music.

Life form got a message stuck in its head
Through the two ears on it
Its mother and its father never knew he had a friend like that
Not in a song
Major Organ and The Adding Machine's "Life Form (Transmission Received)"
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Track Name: Purple Fuzz
Purple fuzz, billowing over burnt orange houses
Fire engines engines emptying their faucets
Shame and longing up in smoke
I met a kid who said he loved to well another kid
But he could never admit it
Tell an old soul who it was
I closed my mind
Opened my heart and ears to listen
Thought of a savior, of a warrior
The brutal honesty of life

I hold my own
And try to go
Where a wise man said
To go

All there was, is all there is and there will ever be
It's just the sum of what we'll never see
Or the inverse of what's lost
I see it there, in a reflection, in your iris
In the vowels formed by your reddish lips
When you left and you arrived
It's purple fuzz, endless distortion through the trenches
Harmony teeming out from churches
The echoes of endless love

I ride the wave
And try to say
What a wise man said
I ride the wave
And try to say
What a wise man said
I ride the wave
And try to say
What a wise man said
To say
Track Name: Rocket Revolution
You grew up in a giant house, with chandeliers, atomic clocks
So you were always right on time, with bow tie, tux and leather shoes
Played in your backyard labyrinth, composed of white rose bushes
Graduated North Star Prep, class of 2089

You ate fancy food, truffles and wiggling oysters
Were in a strange, strange mood lit up by stained-glass windows
With Jesus staring down at you, naked and starving
In your starched Calvin Klein suit, in freshly polished leather shoes

Hey I wanna throw it all away
With a shiny, sparkling, clean slate
Hey, I wanna throw it all away
I never liked Bruce Wayne

Was it the Sibyl who said we'd die by what could save us
Whether space travel or Christ, it's all just what you make it
You gave your estate to the alcoholic homeless at Dover Beach
Joined the Star Alliance, got baptized in the ghetto's streets

Hey I wanna throw it all away
With a shiny, sparkling, clean slate
Hey, I wanna throw it all away
I never liked Bruce Wayne
Hey, I wanna throw it all away
Today's a brand new day
Track Name: How To Swim
I'm just a ghost of my former self
In a tetanus world, on a wishing well
It's a dark abyss, I'm diving in
Gotta learn how to swim

My picture's hanging on your wall
The color of dandelions in the fall
I'm black and white in technicolor
Hey, I was here first

My engine's parts are MIA
My rocket ship is bound for space
I think I'm gonna lose the race
Oh well

My TV dinners are in line
Baked beans and hot dogs in the brine
Sunflowers bloom, I steal the seeds
The Earth made me
I bite my tongue until it bleeds
Playing along with Jeopardy
The bookworm wins, the static fades
Why won't the channel change?

It all was mine when I was young
I knew that songs have to be sung
I'm nervous knocking at your
Oh can you tell?
Track Name: Tomorrow
Crestfallen, lover, I am, dressed in my Sunday clothes
Brand new, for you
I called Soapy Sanderson, promised to trade my innocence
For truth, for you
You swore to the sun and the stars to be the best of what you are
Complete, set free
Sit down my lover on the lam, betray your wealth and all your plans
For hope, tomorrow

We'l mourn forever, live tonight
Get lost, get even, start a fight
Against the man, the daytime news
Your pretty existential blues

Childish and careless, I am, self-obsessed and selfish and
You know, it shows
I called Soapy Sanderson, promised to trade cowardice in
For truth, for you
I swore the the sun and the moon, I'd pay them a visit soon
For tea, sweet dreams
Be young, my children, who you are is all but written in the stars
You're hope, tomorrow

We'll live forever, save tonight
We'll dream forever, be alright
Get lost, get even, keeping score
Forget tomorrow nevermore
We'll pay the piper, cease the day
There's more to fight for, more to save
We'll fight the man, the evening news
Our ugly existential blues
Track Name: Pink Cloud
I'm biding my sadness, and filing my regrets
The world is spinning 'round me tonight
And where do I go to when there's no chance of sleeping?
Where do I stay for the night?
I've been browsing apartments and shopping for incense
Lavender, mint and black tea
And what's left to calm me, comatose TV?
Casablanca in black and white?

Cause my RGB is gone
Well, I think that I'm done
It was a nice run but
But I'm getting too old for this
And there's not much else to say
As my pink cloud fades
Into a navy accolade
Yeah, I think that it's alright
To give up for one night
If it spares me a warm place to stay

I'm biding Nevada, Torpedo, Sierra
The taste on the tip of my tongue
And God, I'm far too young, don't do this to me
I know that I'm less than the air
I lost all my old friends and I haven't made new ones
I guess I've just run out of time
And life's taking over, and taking me over
And leaving me with too much time

With my RGB gone
Yeah, I think that I'm done
It was a nice run, though
But I'm getting too old for this
And there's not much else to say
As my pink cloud fades
To a loser's accolade
Yeah, I know now it's alright
To give up for one night
If it means I have somewhere to stay

Hey, how's Yellowstone
The kiss that you gave me still sits on my cheek
And I love you and everyone
And I want you to know that
In case I forget
Track Name: If You Destroy Yourself The Things That You Hate Win
I don't know why
They write you down on paper and they call it good
Somewhere along the way, yeah we misunderstood
Calling ourselves kings, as if we could
I don't know why
It's not that I have ever really cared bore
It's not that I would like to go settle the score
It's just that you have left me wanting more
I paint the stars, chase the full moon in my PJs back to where you are
I'm dancing with the virgin on a whim
I'm dancing, giving all I've left to give


I'm not your kin
I'm no one's kid, and father I have never been
It's only towards myself that I have ever sinned
If you destroy yourself, the things that you hate win
I don't know how
I never will and I have learned to love that now
I've lost it at the sights of my new eyes
I have life to live and everything to eulogize
My tangoes are forever in your name
I'm tangles of rust and oxygen and shame
In love with the infinite unknown
I'm grateful for the piece of it you've shown